Gravity Ropeways world Leader
20 Years of Experience
40 Facilities Worldwide
Zipline World leader
Exclusive Facilities to develop your 4 Seasons Leisure Offer.
With freewheel or self-braking trolleys, our Ziplines suit to all Ground Profile.
High Speed and long Distance Specialist


Fantasticable, FANTASTICABLE, VOLO D’ELL ANGELO, FLYING FOX XXL, FLYING THE SKY, BANZIP TENGU, all those names are the proof of our international recognition.

22mm rope diameter, lying position, and high speed, are the main features of the Fantasticable concept.

According to the line profile, it is now possible to use various riding positions, single or tandem (side by side), superman or seated.

Anchoring parts and line profile are designed following the current regulation of the ski lift industry
To note: Since the beginning of 2020, we successfully tested a self-braking trolley enabling to ride steep lines.

  • Technical Features
  • up to 3000m
  • patented braking system
  • up to 750m vertical drop
  • 22mm locked coil rope
  • up to 160km/h
  • from 35 to 150kg
  • up to 35% average slope
  • Fiscal (Spain)
  • Châtel (France)
  • Fumay (France)
  • Bold’air (France)
  • Potenza (Italy)
  • Ribeira de pena (Portugal)
  • Mont citadel (Canada)
  • Leogang (Austria)
  • La colmiane (France)
  • Roccamassima (Italy)
  • Super besse (France)

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